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I am from Minneapolis Minnesota and was born in St. Cloud and has lived all over the country. Explaining my life, I would say, “I have had a restless streak since forever, this propels me to explore coupled with a reflective urge to create”. Born in a small college town that was primarily white Rick was picked on as a kid and had to fight a lot and spent most of his time inside drawing or creating fantastical narratives with his legos and ninja turtles action figures. Seven, was a pivotal year for the artist, at seven Rick’s father was sent to prison for shooting another man and the family moved to Minneapolis. Rick’s mother had received a degree in social work and landed a job in Dakota County social services, but the ricks lived in Hennepin County. Until his teens a lot of his time was spent between trying to find means to make money illegal or otherwise, the church, drawing, comics, basketball and fantasy. Since he was very small, Rick would play out elaborate tales in his head, then draw them on paper. As a teen Rick got into Mural Painting and Graffiti and eventually got charged as an adult with a felony and was convicted under then district attorney Amy Klobuchar for damage to property. Rick then spent time traveling to Mexico and Central America as a means to escape the confines of probation. He discovered the work of the Mexican Muralist which were to inform his compositions for years. Leaving Mexico, Rick traveled through out the US, eventually getting the felony off his record in exchange for service in the army. Rick fought with the 101st Airborne in Iraq and lost some friends over there. “When I returned from war something wasn’t the same” said Rick. After some self destructive time Rick started drawing and painting again which helped. In 2011 Rick, looking for a change of pace, he gas canned from Minneapolis homelessness to  a new life and family in Oakland. Rick now resides in the Bay Area with his wife and daughter.